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RS-5000T Series Transparent Super High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting for Lighting


MNtech’s SHIP reflective sheeting meets KS A 3507 and ASTM D 4956 VIII Standards.  

It is micro-prismatic retro-reflecting sheeting with great durability.  


Transparent SHIP provides high visibility during daytime with vivid color 

and has performance on reflection about two times better than HIP for the driver. 

MNtech’s SHIP reflective sheeting is over twice greater than 

HIP reflective sheeting in terms of reflective performances.

It offers vivid colors and great daytime luminance factor (Y%).  





 EN 12899-1 RA2, R3B

 KS A 3507 TYPE 8


 Product type – Micro prismatic sheeting
 Durability – 10years
 Storage – Temperature: 18-24℃, relative humidity: 30-50% (1 year)
 Dimension – Width: 48” (1,220mm), length: 50YDS (45.72M)
 Usage – Lighting