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Reflective sheeting for car license plate RV-3700/3800 Series



Mntech global's RV-3700/3800 k, reflective sheeting for car license plate is resistant to harsh road conditions/environments such as UV rays, soot and smoke.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport 『 Notification of standards such as Vehichle registration Plates (22nd. Feb. 2019)

This product has passed the rigorous performance standard test of the standard.



In addition, the design printing and anti-counterfeiting hologram technology are applied inside of the transparent protective film in harsh road condition/environments.  

It has high durability.    





RV-3700 ( For general vehicle )

RV-3800 ( For electric vehicle ) 



 Meetting the notice of standards such as car registration plates of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport 



Product Type - Micro Prismatic Type
Durability - 7 Yrs
 Product storage  – Temp. 10℃~65℃, Humd. 30%~50% (1 Yr.)
 Specification  –  Customizing (Varies depends on the spec. of each country)
Purpose of use - Car license Plate



 Reflective sheeting for car license plate introduced from Sep. 2019