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Handles for public transportation, buttons for elevators, various handles, protective films, etc.  

It can be used for all infectious agents close to human hands, 

It is easy to attach and detach, so it can be used universally.  



Structure of antibacterial film   




COVID-19 ?


Coronavirus (COVID): Since the outbreak in December 2019,

Respiratory infectious diseases caused by a new type of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Respiratory symptoms such as fever and coughing or difficulty breathing after an incubation  

period of about 2 to 14 days, Pneumonia appears as the main symptom.

Currently (June 20) No vaccines and treatments. 

Management of virus spreading media and prevention of infection are required 




What is an antibacterial film?  


The mechanism of human infection of the virus  


The role of RNA polymerase


The bacteria from the hand

It constitutes a very good environment for proliferation.

Antibacterial copper blocks the growth of

bacteria and It serves to suppress the

environment itself that can be replicated.




Antimicrobial activity of copper